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A visit to ‘The Lion and the Lamb’ at Helm crag

Spring feels like it’s well and truly on its way so, with the sun shining on Wednesday we took advatange of the beautiful weather and headed out on a hike to Far Easdale and Helm Crag. This is a great walk taking in Easdale Valley and a multi crag ridge for the return.


Starting out in Grasmere, you’ll need to pick up the ‘Easdale road’ and walk all the way to the end following signs for ‘Far Easdale’, soon enough you’ll be dodging the Herdwick sheep whilst striding along a stony path that will join up with the river. We took the time to investigate the narrow portions of the river which look like rapids. Once you cross the bridge you’ll need to take the later fork in the path to the right still following the course of the river, just a bit higher on the side of the valley.  You’ll cross under some cliffs high above you, these are ‘Deer bields’ and an impressive sight to say the least!

Deer Bields top left cliffs

Continue along the path and after a while you will reach Far Easdale, a great vantage point to take in the climb you have just completed, we took a break here to enjoy the view, have a drink and catch our breath… the climb up the valley was tough towards the end courtesy of small snow fields blocking the path. From here you will double back to the right traversing above Easdale valley, you will be heading toward Calf Crag – the high point for todays walk at 537m – from here, the path follows the ridge a few different ways you can choose which one you want to take… they all go the same way, which is handy, it can be quite boggy in places resulting in squelchy sounds that one almost feels the need to apologise for! You’ll come over Gibson Knott, eventually you’ll be greated by the sight of Helm Crag, the target for today.

Once at the top you can visit The Lion and the Lamb which is slightly over the brow, 2 protrusions of rock, one small – the lamb, and one large – the lion. With a little (or a lot) of imagination you can see the lion either dominating or protecting the lamb… depending how you feel after the walk to this point. We climbed on to the lions head..!

Views to windermere

Once you’re ready to begin heading down follow the obvious path which twists and turns all the way down to a steep set of ‘stairs’ (slabs of rock laid like a stair case), Simply keep following the signs to Grasmere, you’ll go through a gate in to Lancrigg forest, now you can follow the road back to the start… job well done!

  • Follow the river
    Follow the river
  • Far Easdale
    Far Easdale
  • Silhouette
  • The lion and the lamb
    The lion and the lamb