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The Importance of Insurance

So, with Spring officially beginning today and the daffodils finally warm enough to bloom it looks like the cold and the snow of the last few weeks has finally stopped biting! I think it’s safe to say that we all experienced the snow and the cold to some degree, some worse than others. Even though Keswick only had about 2 inches we decided to hunker down indoors with lots of hot chocolate and tea and left the car tucked up in its blanket of snow for a few days. And it is this that we hope to highlight in this blog post… the importance of insurance.

We’ve all booked holidays abroad and immediately booked holiday insurance to cover us for any eventuality, whether it be illness, the need to cut short your holiday due to injury or even something as unsuspecting as delay due to the weather…  Luckily most of us will never need to claim on our travel insurance, but the UK travel industry seems to be a bit of a grey area from the point of view of the UK ‘Staycationer’.

We advise all our guests in our booking terms to take out UK travel insurance to protect themselves from almost anything. Obviously no one plans on getting ill or getting delayed due to weather but imagine if you’d booked something (anything) and paid in full – How would you get your money back?

At Grassmoor we like to be as understanding as possible, and we assess every situation as it arises, because we understand that sometimes things go wrong. But, when you look at the overall cost of say… a long weekend away (3 nights), between travel, accommodation, meals out and the costs of any activities you may have booked a long weekend away can add up… so the cost of a few extra pounds for peace of mind that if something did go wrong you would be well protected, it seems like a sensible idea right? but few people seems to book UK holiday insurance.

A few weeks ago when ‘the beast from the east’ arrived some of our guests had to cancel, understandably so, we offered to move their bookings to later in the year and on this occasion we waived our normal cancellation policy – but only because it was an otherwise low season week/weekend – if we were talking about a peak week/weekend like New Year or in high summer we wouldn’t be able to afford to lose up to 4 booked rooms with no chance of resale… which means (although difficult and highly uncomfortable for us) we would have to charge the traveller in the hopes that our advice was heeded and UK travel insurance was bought by our guests… this is a huge risk for us… We don’t want to upset our guests by having to charge for a cancelled stay, but we also wouldn’t be able to stay open if everyone got their money back every time they needed to cancel… so it is about balance, and weighing up your risks.

For risking the price of just 2 beers you would have complete peace of mind knowing that if you had to cancel for almost any reason you would be covered by your insurance… and that seems like a pretty good deal to me.