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We’re Jammin’

15 September 2015 . Recipes . No Comments

When I started making jam a couple of years ago I started with the usual, raspberry and strawberry. But that’s a bit boring isn’t it, especially when you’re serving it to guests at breakfast! Variety is what you need. So, when I saw a recipe for gooseberry jam in an issue of BBC Good Food…

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Fabulous Fudge!

01 April 2015 . Recipes . No Comments

Why is it that certain flavour combinations are reserved for certain times of the year? I can think of one in particular that I just can’t understand, white chocolate and cranberry! This is a wonderful combination but for some reason it only seems to appear at Christmastime. Well, not at Grassmoor! Here’s a recipe for…

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Grassmoor Gingerbread

12 August 2014 . Recipes . No Comments

Let me just start off by saying that this recipe is nothing like the famous Sarah Nelson Grasmere Gingerbread, but is rather delicious all the same. It’s an old recipe that I’ve tweaked a little but it’s still in old money so apologies if you need to do a few sums to work out the…

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Lemon and Lime Battenberg Cake

08 April 2014 . Recipes . No Comments

As promised, here is the recipe I used to make the oh-so-yummy lemon and lime Battenberg cake as seen on Twitter and Facebook! It’s a slight twist on the original which I know is a firm favourite of many of you. This recipe is gluten free and the cake I made was actually dairy free…

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A Few of My Favourites

20 March 2014 . Recipes . No Comments

As this was our first winter in the guest house business, I was concerned about the town and the guest house being quiet, but soon realised that this could be to our advantage. Whilst Richard was busy redecorating the four guest bedrooms, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to do some experimentation in the…

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English Muffins Recipe

14 January 2014 . Recipes . No Comments

These are delicious slightly toasted and topped with bacon and a poached egg and have already become a popular choice with many of our guests! Not only have the muffins got to be a “good bake” but superb Keswick dry cured bacon from our local butchers Thomasons and fresh free range eggs (ours are from…

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Coconut Ice Recipe

31 October 2013 . Recipes . No Comments

When guests arrive at Grassmoor Guest House they are welcomed with a small homemade treat in their rooms, and more often than not this little treat is the childhood favourite, Coconut Ice. It has been a very popular addition to the rooms and many people have commented on how delicious it is so I thought…

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